• “Nana is a trustworthy, patient & honest person. Willing to do the extra mile into the work that she does. Her love for animals, not only her own, gives me the assurance that she will take good care of my 3 beloved dog” – Devie
  • “I have known Nana for more that 30 years. She’s one of those very few people whose values have not changed with time. Honesty, reliability and sincerity have always defined who she is as a colleague and as a friend. Rest assured that when you are trusting your loved ones in her hands, you can expect the same qualities from a service provider and soon enough if you’re lucky you’ll find yourself a new friend in her!“ – Lily
  • Kalau Nana yang jadi pet sitter-nya, saya sih ga ragu lagi. Secara Nana tahu banyak tentang pets, punya pengalaman ama pets karena pelihara anjing dan kucing juga, serta animal lover pula” – Ilsa